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New Creation

God has good news for you:

God is the author of the best news. In this presentation, you find five things about the essence of the Gospel. Each accessed title contains: ♦ A summary, ♦ Keywords, with links to corresponding items, and ♦ option for details.

In the second part, there are five other aspects, about the impact of the Gospel in your life.

I’m curious about your answer. 🙂 Mihail B.

God exists in the loving relationship of the Holy Trinity: the father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, as the Creed says.

He is supreme in love, wisdom, power, beauty, and any virtue; And without beginning, the source and the supporter of life.


God wished to share the beauty of the relationship between the three people of the Trinity. Thus, out of love, he created man, as a spiritual being, in his image and likeness. He designed it to enjoy the holy relationship; Gave him enormous privileges, including free will.

The emergence of evil, and the failure of man did not undo the Divine Plan to adopt man in the holy relationship, to rejoice in the divine harmony.


God’s love for you is unconditional by your performances, because God is Love (the Bible, I John 4.8). His love is not diminished by his righteousness because, above all, God is Love.

God loves you with the same grand love that is between the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. At the same time, this love can not be fully known beyond full truth; Jesus Christ IS the truth. God is with and for you, not against you.


God did not abandon the man afflicted by evil. Man was not meant to live independently of the Creator; Nor could he, without the one who is the source and supporter of life (the Bible, F. A. 17.28).

With the failure in the garden of Eden, man was afflicted with sin and, most severely, was alienated from the Creator; Implicitly removed from the sublime purpose for which it was created. The one made in the image of God came to worship a chiseled face; After he came to believe that God wanted him evil, he wandered after hope through all sorts of horror. Thus, man needed divine intervention to save him from disaster.


The fundamental problem of man was alienation from God, the source and the supporter of life. This affected the man’s entire being, bringing him into a state of decay from which he could not go out alone.

God approached the fullest of manthrough the incarnation of Jesus Christ, thus attacking the alienation and ignorance of man. Jesus was now the representative of humanity and divinity, at the same time, with authority for restoration. Each man is thus included in all that Jesus Christ has accomplished, with enormous implications.


God doesn’t give us an ideological, not even a religion. What was most important, he already realized for all people. Now God expects our cooperation to enjoy all of this, here and now. But as in Eden, it does not impose the truth, nor the good, but respects our free will.

God is glorious and I have reverence, but most he wishes to be loved (as otherwise than voluntarily). We know that he is love, so not by chance, Love is the supreme virtue, and the commandment to which all others are summarized (the Bible, galatians 5.14). Love implies deep knowledge, personal relationship, and concrete actions. How do you want to respond?

If you choose to answer with love to God’s love, the whole Sky celebrates your decision (Luke 15:7,10)!

Don’t try to do something to the Christ’s gift. Restoration is offered simply in gift, i.e. by Grace (undeserved favor). The Restoration (salvation, healing, liberation, transformation, etc.) is offered to us by grace, and we share it by faith in what Jesus Christ has already accomplished for us.

Faith all of God comes. It starts as a personal decision, but it also implies an attitude that needs to be cultivated over time. The authentic faith is accompanied by the renewal of the mind, changing the mentality by exposing the light of the word of God.

The Bible speaks of “childbirth again”. (John 3.3-8 and Peter 1:23). This refers to a new life, a new beginning, a spiritual revival, of God Himself (John 1:13), a new identity, a new creation (II corinthians 5:17). So when you put your trust in the Redeemer, a wonderful thing happened in your being; In you is something completely new, holy and godly; What exactly? The will is not completely new to you, neither your reasoning nor your feelings; They are already in the good, and perfectible by Metanoia, (change of mentality, “repentance” in the true sense). What is completely new is your spirit (Ephesians 3:14-19), which is in communion with the Holy Spirit in You (John 14:17).

The completely new life that is now inside, is expected to manifest itself in the outside, in your will, in your reasoning, in your feelings, and implicitly in your body. This is the real transformation: from the Inside out.

If you have just discovered the essence of the gospel here, I encourage you to read Scripture and communicate with God through prayer, both alone and with others. If you are already a new man, it will be natural for you to seek to grow in your relationship with God, even with much enthusiasm. You will surely develop, because you have the Holy Ghost in You, and everything that is healthy grows despite the surrounding limitations. You just have to cooperate with the Holy Ghost, who wants to help you even more than you want.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Being unique, you have a unique calling from God, very likely in accord with your personality, skills and passion. You have a unique role in society that no one else can fulfill as well as you.

At present, people’s greatest problem is ignorance of Jesus Christ, to the one who empowers man to live a full life, after removing him from darkness to light. So, regardless of your specific role in society, you have the responsibility and privilege to be a messenger of the good news (matthew 28:19-20).