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The fundamental problem of man – before Christ


it is part of the fundamental human problem (see the article with the preliminaries). We call again on the sources of knowledge: the reason, the experience, the human authorities, and the divine revelation (beyond personal preferences, they are complementary in finding the truth, not exclusive, and together they define our reality and identity).

problema omului

In the beginning

Through ignorance of the Creator’s altruistic indications, the first humans followed the illusion of personal development (inoculated by Satan, on the ground of the distrust of God).
In the dissociation of the Creator, human ignorance would only increase; implicitly, sin also increased, that is, the perversion (of the accomplishment) of the good.

God did not abandon His creation, but He set the limits for the evil, leaving man with something of His “image and likeness.” Thus, it allowed humanity to progress (from several points of view) in collaboration with Him.

Over time

he who bear the image of God, came to pervert his own image about God; an early example is idolatry.
The peak of ignorance is the general perception that God is against man, perhaps less favorable to man than the devil. Do we notice here any connection with (trust affected by) the primary lie? This was the demonic strategy for the first people: the gradual undermining of trust in God: from a shadow of doubt, to the perception that the very presence of God was filling them with horror.


Cultivating this misunderstanding made man to wander after hope even through horrors … such as human sacrifices.

Ana, the wife of craftsman Manole, is the saving victim; with the price of her life, of the child, of the ten craftsmen and finally of Manole himself. This universal ballad expresses the wrong anticipation of the divine solution; the grope after the gospel. Click here for a comparison between legend and gospel.


Ignorance of God caused the personal alienation of man: crisis of identity and confusion about his own purpose and potential; alienation that brought man even more ignorance towards the Creator, and so on, to the ultimate consequence: the death of man (more than his body).

In the Old Testament, the prophet Hosea makes the following remark: “My people perish from lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4: 6a)

Canceling this destructive spiral had to solve ignorance and implicitly sin and alienation;

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