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The fundamental problem of man


the problem of the man

The problematic of “the problem”.

We are looking for a solution to any problem; motivated by certain basic conceptions, needs and hopes. Who would not want to patent the solution for: loneliness, depression, illness, poverty, abuse, ignorance, etc.? All these problems are based on other problems, which are caused by others. If we allow a generalization, what would be the most fundamental problem of man; the biggest problem that, if we solved it (at least hypothetically), would all the others be solved like a magic domino? The main problem, that if we would solve it, we would make the biggest change in the world, and would be known as the most respected heroes? Do we no longer dream, or are we affected by ignorance?

How could we identify this problem? We have chances at the fundamental solution, as long as it concerns us …
Is it corruption? Is it lack of education? Maybe poor medicine? Can be media manipulation? Or stealing? Or selfishness? Or the lack of models? Poverty? Or…?

Who has the expertise to be able to give an adequate answer?
Before each of us can speak, it might be worthwhile to reflect on how many types of problems we have; eventually to identify the area where this fundamental problem is most likely to be.
The problem is one: Historical? Recent? Geographic? Political? Social? Economical? Religious? Physical? Familiar? Relational? Moral? Biological? Educational? Emotional? Rational? Hereditary? Spiritual? Regarding technology? Vocational? Material? Cultural? Philosophical? Relational? Or of another kind?
We are probably at a certain intersection, but what is the real problem?

The main problem in the main conceptions about the world

Every major conception of the world and life has its own answer. For example, the following systems of beliefs and values are positioned as follows:

Concepts The problem of the world The solution


Unequal distribution of wealth

Forced redistribution


– The ignorance toward science

– Overpopulation

– Education

– Survival of the powerful



Political correctness


Fragmentation; the illusion of individuality and separation

Lighting, Union

Animism / Pantheism

Separation / Desire




The law of Sharia

Evangelical Gnosticism

The natural world

Escape to heaven


The imbalance between totally opposite elements

The restoration of harmony


I observe the reluctance with which this issue is addressed:
• It cannot be fundamental to all people.
• It cannot be obvious to all people.
• It is not a common one, personal (at least not to the first person) but extrinsic to the human being.

I also notice the skepticism regarding the solution:
• It cannot be viable for all people (generally valid).
• It can not be acceptable to everyone (irrelevant or idealistic).
• Not accessible to all (for various reasons).

I also see hope in both perspective; remains to be seen if it is part of the real solution.

The fundamental problem and ignorance

The truth is that those who do not know or recognize the fundamental problem of man, whatever it is, already have an even bigger problem: ignorance, or the illusion of knowledge.

After finding out the problem, the lack of concern for a solution, becomes the new fundamental problem: a more serious ignorance than the initial problem itself.

After finding the solution, ignorance of its application would be the new fundamental problem …

At any stage we find ourselves, ignorance is part of the fundamental problem of man.
Especially since the solution is already available!

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